the bathroom blues…

When I moved last year one of the reasons I went with my current apartment was the size of the bathroom. It’s large and bright and white and clean, and I love it.

When I was growing up I had a friend whose parents had completely separate bathrooms, one right beside the other, both were full baths. It wasn’t one of those this is the ladies big nice bathroom and the man gets something that used to be a hall closet. I never understood that.

But then I think about how I love my bathroom. My bathroom. I can’t help but think of how it could be ruined, and nothing ruins a girl’s bathroom space like a guy. Now girls can be gross and messy, believe me, girls can be down right gross, but there is something different that a guy brings to the game.

5 reasons I don’t want to share a bathroom with a boy!

1.The Toilet Paper!  They will buy it (most of the time it’s the cheap on sale kind), they will even unwrap it and place it someplace, but will almost never replace the roll. Their bathrooms can have multiple started rolls on the toilet but an empty roll in its holder for months. I want my nice plush toilet paper, and I’d like it on the roll holder please and thank-you.

2. My Products! They are my products, my fancy soap, and my $40 facial cleanser, and my bubble bath.  Boy’s will use whatever they can get their dirty little hands on, and if it smells good they will use it. We’re talking face soap all over the body, multiple reapplying of showergel to puff, and this shampoo oh no lets repeat but with this shampoo and then 2 cups of conditioner in their hair. They’ll even use those expensive age deifying makeup remover sheets that sit on the shelf near the toilet to wipe their bums, cause why not. Boys will indulge in my products, and the only good thing about this is shopping for new products.

3. Hair! Now girls shed, believe me they shed! I lose tons of hair in the shower, and when I blow-dry the sink gets full of hairs too. But long girly hair I can somewhat deal with. But those little long dark chest/arm/leg hairs that coat everything from my bathroom to even my bedding make me kind of cringe.  And it only gets worse if you have a guy shave in your sink…hairs for months, people! Little black face hairs that hide in every corner of the bathroom and haunt you for life.

4. Reading material! Some people happen to be the types that keep reading material in the bathroom (for some reason). If you are not one of these people (like me) some how they will appear in your bathroom. If you happen to be the type of person who keeps reading material in their bathroom I’m sure it gets disorganized and moved around. I don’t really read in the bathroom.

5.  Towels! They should be washed in a timely fashion. There are also bathroom hooks, hangers, and rods for a reason, nough said.

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  1. thrillhouse1134 #

    Touché madamoiselle touché

  2. 2

    My husband has been in NY for the past month or so working. The bathroom has never been cleaner or more of a sanctuary. Keep your bathroom to yourself as long as you possibly can.

  3. 3

    Well said! I grew up in a house with one full bath- and all four of us shared it. Then in college I lived in a dorm, a sorority, then a 4 person apartment. I never knew what I was missing! Now that I have my own bathroom- you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands!!! Shave your face over someone else’s sink, Mister! And yes, I appreciate manscaping, but not in my tub!

  4. 4

    I hear you lady !!!
    Growing up – my sis, bro & I shared a bathroom. Then I went to uni and discovered the joys of living by myself and having my own double bathroom :) I lived alone in London for a while – and I had my bathroom to myself until the boyfriend and flat mate came along .. at least she & I were good ( we had tastes for similar bath products) ..
    Now I’m back at home and I have my own en-suite bathroom :) such a sanctuary !!

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