are you there god? it’s me, chevy?

I had the pleasure of attending CareFusion Jazz Festival NY at Carnegie Hall last week. The music, the venue, the company made for an amazing night. As the 1st set ended and people got up to stretch their legs during the intermission, we noticed one particular man in a baseball cap, looking around as if he was lost in the enclosed vastness that is Carnegie Hall. He then walked towards the lobby area, but upon his return (without that hat) it was clear that this man was none other the headship of the Griswold clan, Mr. Chevy Chase.

Now this isn’t a post or even a blog where I talk about celebrities I’ve seen, meet, or am friends with….So then why does this post have an attraction to Chevy?

As ‘BabyBoy’ and I observed him during intermission from our first level booth I joked that although Keith Jarrett (the musician that night) made it very clear no photos or recording of any kind could be had. It seemed as if Chevy looked up to the heavens (or upper balconies) arms down with palms opened up as if he was speaking to all those around him, asking for us to notice him. I joked that we were going to hear an announcement informing us he was there and welcomed photographs.

I guess one could argue Mr. Chase went from 80s-90’s hay day to nonexistence, back to hit TV show.

SIDEBAR: I’ve only seen his new show ‘Community‘ twice. Frankly the guy from The Soup scares me. And I have enough nightmares as is.

So much like Chevy’s and in the same vain Ed O’Neill aren’t we all looking for our “come back” our new hit as it were of the 21st century.  Everyone loves a great comeback story don’t they?!

So in love we fall down sometimes. We get mud in our faces and we hurt. We sometimes feel unrecognizable to others and especially other potential mates. We go from love and happiness to shame, hurt, regret, and damages. Why would you be deserving of something big if you just messed up one before.

But then again you never know where you might find it. Where that next chance for a come back, that next chance at “love” is hiding.

Like my jokes about Chevy that night, in love we are always looking to be noticed. To be embraced as it were by people, in a sense just to be recognized.

We can either sit and wait for it to happen(which it eventually does), or you can look up, look around and take notice of it all, and make people notice you.

Like Carnegie Hall we all have beautiful details in our world, filled with different people, and if you’re lucky great music! However this world is pretty enclosed when you think about. Your reach isn’t as great as you might want it to be, so we need to take advantage of what we have and see around us.  We to observe.

Take a moment, stand up, and look around.  The possibilities are endless and yet where all confined. Open yourself up to be noticed, to being recognized, and inturn being loved.

There might be a ceiling keeping us in, but when you open your eyes and let people see you, you just might be flying…..and the music is pretty good  up here, and I think Chevy would agree!

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  1. 1

    Great post. Keep up the great work. It makes me smile.

  2. JennyJAY #

    the title is just amazing. interesting thoughts about how we need to open ourselves up more to greatness. keep em coming!

  3. peterfrank #

    You always amaze me when I read your posts. Real great stuff. Hope the show was good.

  4. ginger #

    Those glasses of yours must really work to see that! Love your blog!

  5. 5

    Katie Little — thanks for your first comment! :) Keep Smiling!
    JennyJAY — I think taking time to just look around is one of the best things you can do as a single person.
    peterfrank — thanks :)
    ginger — Thanks for your comment hon, and my glasses do do their job!

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