THE SUNDAY PULL: yabba dabba do

Guy: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Guy:  You got a name?

Me: I’m L.P.

Guy: L.P. that’s a pretty name. I’m “Guy”.

Me: Nice to meet you “Guy”.

Guy: Well I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I sure could make your bed rock.

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04 2010

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  1. CARL #

    this is great! I’m using this one. glad to see this got posted but not on sunday, but it says sunday. something up with your computer/blog?

  2. Peterfrank #

    I was wondering where the sunday pull had gone. it is here and as good as I wanted it to be.

  3. ShaneW #


  4. 4

    Haha, sheer pick-up artistry and brilliance, this one. I wonder, did he manage to deliver this line with a straight face?

  5. Tom #

    A Young Money line? I love it. Glad he didn’t say Your Love Is My Drug.

  6. Melwin #

    LOL…great one! :)

  7. 7

    I always wonder what happens after the line is dropped…is there laughter in Guy’s face? Do you just stand there straight faced until he can’t stand it any longer and bursts into tears (yes in my imagination a stare can lead to tears)? Do you about face and high tail it outta there? Do you ask for scientific evidence or offer to experiment in a lab to see if he could in fact make your bed rock?

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