Going to Kiss & Tell…

So you live in New York City? What do you know, so do I? Don’t have plans tomorrow night? Well I do! And you should come join!

I’m going to be part of an exciting event tomorrow Tuesday Feb 16th.  Abiola’s Kiss and Tell Live a sexy storytelling and performance series in New York City. Tomorrow night we will honor Deborah Gregory author and creator of The Cheetah Girls. It’s going to be hot hot hot!

The lineup for the evening (in no specific order) Mama Cheetah Deborah Gregory, Twanna Hines the Funky Brown Chick, filmmaker Therese Shechter of Trixie Films, Modern Courtesan Yolanda Shoshana, comic David Lester, Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman, Lesbian Activist and Writer Renair Amin, Danielle Henderson of Knotty Yarn, singing duo Sabrina and Giorgio, Lost Plum (that’s me!) and Mia “On Top” Martina, erotic podcaster.

Kiss & Tell Live Erotica and Comedy! Fat Tuesday 2/16, free, 7-10pm at Madame X in NYC: http://bit.ly/csczOG

I’m going to read something that has yet to be posted, and may never be posted…so would you miss out!?

See you all there!

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  1. johnnytheG #

    wish i lived in NYC :(

  2. heather #

    can’t wait! You’ll blow them all away!

  3. frankR #

    when is the tour?

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