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I’ve been involved in a lot of conversations that deal with “type” lately.  What your type is when looking for a suitable mate.  Now, Iots of people will say they don’t have a set “type”; in fact I’ve said it many times.  There is nothing wrong with that, and yes, a lot of guys I’ve been attracted too are different ‘types’ but I think type becomes more about qualities one possesses rather then a set standard or type.

Recently I’ve been reevaluating the idea of my type in my head, thinking more about qualities.  So while I wish I had a list for you all on what my type is, I can only give you a list more of characteristics that are “my type”.  Because really it’s little qualities that really make the person or should I say make the man.


HE’S TALKATIVE:  He doesn’t have to dominate a conversation or be the loudest one in the room. However, someone who is engaging, who I have amazing discussions with is a must! Someone I open up to (tell my secrets too) and can talk with for hours on end, or just listen talk for hours on end.  Someone who has topics he is passionate about and knowledgeable with. He speaks his mind, and says all the right things (even when I disagree).

AN EATER:  I want a guy who likes food, who likes to eat, and who will try new foods. Now I’m not saying be uber adventurous, because I’m not always that adventurous when it comes to food, but if you always get the same thing when we go out it’s over.  And you bet we’re ordering desert! I will most likely never date another vegetarian again, and for sure not another vegan.

IS BEAUTIFUL:  Not in the physical sense, although I’m never going to complain about that. I want a guy with a beautiful soul that I trust with my life.  Someone who treats others, and me in the manner we deserve.   Someone who makes my soul smile when I look at him.  I hate to say it but beauty really is skin deep, and if you don’t believe me then you should question the friendships/relationships you have in your life.

INTELLIGENT:  We learn from school and we learn in life, regardless of where it came from I need a guy who is smart.  He doesn’t have to know everything or anything about specifics.  But he has to have those things that he ‘knows’. Those topics that he can have me fascinated with for hours on end (see #2) I love learning new things about topics I don’t know, and even ones I do.  Someone who is good and knowledgeable at what they do know regardless of what that is….and maybe a few good trivia tidbits to throw into the mix.

HE’S FUNNY:  He doesn’t have to be the class clown, life of the party funny, or even keep up to me. Although, if he can keep up with me that’s even better.  Just be funny in the sense that he makes me laugh.  Make me laugh and you make me swoon!

A GOOD KISSER:  If I find myself smiling while I kiss a guy it’s an amazing thing!  If I can recall moments where we have kissed that’s pretty good too.  We all know how I feel about PDA’s but if I find myself wanting kiss him in public, that’s just even better.

DRIVEN BUT STILL A DREAMER.   I need a guy who is focused in his life. Who works hard and enjoys what he is doing, also strives to be a better person.  However, he still needs to idealize about certain things, future plans, and exciting ideas.