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My Stalker-Berry…

I’ve talked about my crutch of sleeping with my blackberry. So many people tease me about this fact, but I don’t care. I gave some reasons about jobs that ‘forced’ me to answer calls/emails at all times of the night.  That’s one of the reasons. But I need to be honest. I have slept with my phone (my blackberry) for about 6 years. SIX!  That’s along time, and that is well before ‘jobs’.

I started sleeping with my blackberry when things with ‘mystalker’ started to get scary.  I hate to admit it, but I still after all these years sleep with my phone not really as a safety crutch, but more as a safety procedure.  I can access my emergency call button quicker then you can blink.  I have it in my hand, have it with me, if god forbid something was to happen.

As silly as it may sound, it sounds very reasonable at the same time. But mostly I keep thinking it sounds sad….