I have no doubt YOU are reading this…

I write about people here. In fact I write about people I might not know deep down (aka boys I meet) and most of these people aren’t people you know either. So who really cares right? Right!

I got a letter yesterday. A letter that has made me rethink a few things.

I used to have a blog with a friend about our job (we did the same thing but for different people) and it was completely anonymous. Problem being it started to get some attention, and we had to shut it down. Legally we may or may not have been telling stories we shouldn’t have…. even if we changed names and such.

So I get this letter from a law office representing a client and publisher.  I need to waive over my likeness for a book. Wait what?! Are you serious?

It made me think about this blog. (well it made me think of alot of things, but the blog is one) Is one day down the line one of my PULL buddies going to sue me because I shared his “genius” pickup line with the world to steal? Is that guy, or the person I thought was a friend going to one day get angry and mean. Or what is someone steals my likeness (another legal issue) I mean I am pretty hilarious; maybe someone wants to steal what I have written? (With the spelling and grammar cleaned up of course!)

I also have been thinking about people who touch my life, how everyone has shaped me in a different way. Some have made me scared, others have given me the ability to trust, some have taught me skills, and some have made me grow older. So in the huge melting pot of people who have ‘touched’ me there are those that really stand out. One of these being “mystalker”.

FACT: A full fledge real stalker! We are talking restraining order, used to break in and watch me sleep, tried to kill himself, documented my day to day with telephoto lenses, tried to kill an ex boyfriend capital S stalker!  I use the term stalker seriously and don’t throw it around like almost every girl out there.

And now he has written a book! A book that I am featured in and the character draws so much to my “likeness” that I need to sign over a waver.

We all know he’s crazy, so I’ll say this: His publisher is fucking crazy if he thinks I am signing this shit, and even crazier if he thinks this isn’t going to be a legal issue!

SIDEBAR: This is the last thing I need right now! Merry Christmas to me.

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  1. 1

    Haha, LostPlum I think I love you. Blog-wise, I mean. Great stuff.

  2. Josh #

    For some reason the internet brings up “legal” issues that would not stand up in court if it were actual published material. As a writer — being how I identify myself — I’m always baffled how people get in trouble, or fear getting in trouble, over things they write on the internet that would not be given a second thought in a published book/story/etc.

    In order to require a waiver be signed (for publication) it means that the details are so extraordinarily specific that it could only be talking about you. Very, very few works of fiction are that specific, but for some reason people get extra paranoid about the internet.

    If someone were to read your PULL and want to call a lawyer because you used their line? Let them, it’s their dime and you’re not going to lose. The burden of proof would be on them, not on you, and you would only be required to take it down.

    Keep writing, don’t over-think it. You’re self-publishing, and there’s not a damn thing you’re saying that I think is so specific it could only be tied to one person. Just because THAT person recognizes who they are, they would be hard pressed to prove that anyone else could recognize them based on scant details alone.

    And I love your blog; wouldn’t want to see it change for the world. :-) Sorry about your stalker though. That sucks. I don’t know why all the crazy in the world is attracted to you. You seem like the focal point of so much crazy how could you NOT keep a blog?



  3. carla #

    ha ha.. oh honey pie! Great post as always. I never mention other peoples comments cause everyone can say whatever they want, but JOSH, I’m pretty sure you are taking this all alittle to far. Plum writing in a very joking manner I know (and she should agree) that she doesn’t really worry about people taking legal action over this blog. She is trying to make light out of a situation, I mean unless Im wrong. but I read her all the time and I highly doubt it.

  4. Peterfrank #

    have to agree with carla on this one. sorry josh but i highly doubt that you need to school LP on this. She isn’t serious about thinking someone is taking legal action. She also is smart enough to never say anything that would require that. I’ve never meet her, don’t know if you have but I do know she is very smart and writes to be funny, witty, and tell stories for enjoyment. I doubt she is over thinking at all. If anything she under thinks and just puts what she is writing out there.

  5. johnnytheG #

    you are the only one who can use the term STALKER from now on. that shit be crazy. can you write more about this guy? sounds like there are some great stories. keep it up!

  6. 6

    Do you write your blog on your blackberry? The spelling and grammar is so atrocious that it’s often difficult to figure out what you’re talking about. You don’t seem dumb and you talk a lot about how popular your blog is, so I was just wondering what the deal is.

  7. 7

    What a crazy mofo. How on earth did Psycho Boy find a publisher? Maybe I need to up the crazy and land a book deal. ;)

  8. 8

    jimmy — why thank you, as always.
    josh — oh I know and I am far from over-thinking anything.
    carla — be nice now ;)
    peterfrank — thank you, but no worries.
    johnnytheG– not sure if I’ll write about it or not.
    andi — Yes I do write alot on my blackberry. I write how I speak, and thus the grammer will always be how it is. Call it atrocious if you want. Thanks for your first comment, but if you can’t figure it out please feel free to stop reading and go else where. I don’t believe I have ever talked about how “popular” I am. Why anyone keeps reading my thoughts and rants is beyond me. As for spelling I never would make an excuse for it, yeah it’s bad I’m the first person to say to say it is. I don’t always check over a post because frankly I couldn’t care. I have suffered my entire life with and auditory processing disorder that when I was younger hindered alot of how I learned. I hear words and how people speak differently, it has really effected how I learned to spell and speak I have overcome alot with this, but still struggle lot with it everyday.
    buubles — He is a writer, always was. His letters he used to send me that were more like novels were all pretty good, bat ass crazy but still a good read.

  9. 9

    I wouldn’t want a psycho writing about me either. Yikes. Can’t believe you had an actual creepy-crazy stalker though. For sure this is a story you should tell sometime.

    In the meantime you go kick some psycho-stalker butt hun.

  10. jackmcmaster #

    who let andi into the party? dude needs to chill!

  11. 11

    Ooooh, look at you, girl! Featured in your stalker’s book! You should have him pay you royalties – that is if his book sells at all. ;)

  12. 12

    OK, I get how he (crazy stalker dude) thinks it’s OK to write a book about you because he’s batshit crazy. But how does a publisher and/or a lawyer not think there would be an issue with asking you for waivers?

  13. Red Ribbon #

    Hey ‘mystalker’! You reading this? Hope I get to see your say on this one… And ask a producer and maybe you’ll get a show ‘Meet and greet the stalker’ or ‘dating your friendly neighborhood stalker ‘

  14. 14

    KB — I’m always kicking, and assume you have my back if need be ;)
    jackmcmaster — it’s an open invite.
    Mr.G.A.G — I know right!? It’s all about royalties.
    Simone — Who knows (eye roll) who knows!
    Red Ribbion — Ahh.. a show would be interesting indeed (thanks for your first comment!)

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