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THE SUNDAY PULL: the texting age

Boy at Bar: hi (smiles)

Me: Hi. (smiles)

Boy: ZOMG I just had to come over and tell you I tots love your glasses.

Me: (Feeling the sides to check which ones I’m wearing) Oh thank you.

Boy: LOL did you just have to check what they looked liked.

Me: (laughing) yeah.

Boy: LMFAO! You’re  tots adob.

Me: Umm…thank you.

Boy:  AAR can I buy you a drink?

Me: Why?

Boy: BC!

Me: Ok. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Boy: With me? WTF!  (walks away)

(Turning to friend)

Me: Yeah, that just happened!

Friend: OMG WTF!?


12 2009