Bestest Buddy Wake up call….

Again, I’m going talk about rules.  And once again everyone has been writing about rules when it comes to dating/sex/love/relationships and the whole nine yards lately. From what to do or not to do on a first date, to what online dating serves to use, how to get your man to propose, the list is endless. (insert gag reflex)

I read three articles this week (and many more before) all which listed the same rule when it comes to “fuck buddies” or as I like to say the “BB” (Bed Buddy)

Never spend the night!

Now I get the reason they say this, actually that’s a lie. I don’t get why they say this! Except for the fact that most of these articles are written by females. Translation crazy girls who actually had feelings and developed stronger feelings for their BB’s!  Truth be told I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now…..CHICKS ARE CRAZY, BOYS BEWARE!

Here is the thing if you can’t tell the difference between your BB (fuck friend) and a relationship then you shouldn’t be allowed to have sex!

Only reasons you should not spend the night is:

You got places to be before 8am. (but I still don’t buy this one)

You are actually cheating on someone (and then you have other issues)

It’s a twin size bed (although we all should have learned this art back when living the dorm life)

A fuck buddy is two things:

A fuck   (And)   A buddy

A buddy like all buddies is there for you when you need them in more ways then one.  I should hope you are able to talk with and get along with your buddy. If you don’t you are missing out! I’m telling you!

Fuck buddies are like the best nonpartisan person to talk with, joke with, and fool around with (*ahem*). They are the perfect relationship because they lack all complication!  (but that’s not to say complication can’t develop)

I’ve gotten great friend advice, great personal advice, great financial advise, and even some great diet advise from boys I have slept with where there was no confusion of ‘feelings’.

I’ve always had lots of guy friends, always felt more comfortable being with and one of the guy’s….so a Buddy is like that with an added benefit of the bed.

One of my Bestest Bros (a different type of BB) Tom over at yourtango wrote a great article the other week about one of my favorite things: Morning Sex!

And to anyone out there who decides that spending the night with your BB is against the “Rules”.  Again, I point to Tom’s article.

Morning sex is by far the best reason to spend the night with your fuck buddy. Period!

And if your buddy ain’t into the morning sex, get yourself a new buddy, Stat!

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  1. 1

    Here here.

    I was going to write a humor book years ago, then came across an old George Carlin routine and realized it had been done already.

    The Title: Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid.

    Seriously, though. This is cogent and sensible. Thank you.

  2. 2

    you are very very welcome! (and I might have to look into that book, sounds like a great read!)

  3. 3

    Well if it’s in book form its a compilation of his routine.

    I think its from the mid 80s (hm, for some reason my computer is insisting that the number is the lowercase letter. That’s annoying)

  4. Steph #

    I swear, I JUST had this convo with my BB last weekend! We couldn’t agree more. :)

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